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Bandai Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus PVC Figure

  • Includes: Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus PVC Figure
  • Sailor Uranus figure stands 6.7" tall
  • Figure is sculpted in an attractive pose atop her included display base
  • It's the Keeper of the Space Sword!
  • Officially licensed

These figures are part of a series celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon! Sailor Uranus fights alongside her friend Sailor Neptune, and is elegant, sophisticated, and fully dedicated to her duty as a Sailor Soldier. This figure depicts Sailor Uranus, a member of the Sailor Soldiers, female supernatural fighters who protect the Solar System from evil. She possesses powers associated with the sky, precognition, and sword combat. It's not like your decision is going to change the universe, but hers might. Perhaps you should put her on your collectibles shelf just to keep an eye on her.