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Robotech GBP-1S Heavy Armor Veritech Transformable Action Figure: Roy Fokker

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  • Long-awaited by fans, this Robotech 1:100 scale GBP-1S Heavy Armor Veritech Transformable Action Figure is definitely a must-have!
  • 1:100 scale action figure stands approximately 6-inches tall.
  • Figure can be converted into Fighter, Battloid, or Gerwalk modes!
  • Comes with: left and right boosters, chest missile pack, shoulder missile packs, inner and outer arm cannons, left and right hip grenade packs, inner leg armor, outer leg missile pack, calf missile pack, and shin armor.
  • Also included is a gunpod weapon accessory and an adjustable display stand, for maximum versatility and posability.

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