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Nickelodeon Exclusive Glow in Dark Reptar Eekeez Figure

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Fond memories of the Rugrats cartoon series? You're not the only one.

Remember the days when the only responsibility you had was homework, then you were free to watch all your favorite cartoons? Hey, no one has to know that was your entire Saturday just last week. You're an adult - you do what you want. No one can tell you otherwise. Keep Reptar the guardian at work for a shot of humor on top of your work computer.

Introduce your own kid to the joys of a gang that's on their level, and enjoy a fun, durable memento of a series you giggled over when you were their age.

Reptar can be your little one’s faithful, glowing dinosaur on the shelf or car seat. There are no small parts to come loose and get swallowed. Kids can grab him as hard as they like, throw him off the high chair, Reptar will bounce back smiling. Oh, and we know you're probably getting this as much for you as for your kid/niece/nephew or friend's kid. No shame! Trust us, we get it. Introduce your own kids to Nickelodeon nostalgia and feel free to just binge watch them all on a weekend. So go ahead and indulge your(self) kid and add Reptar to your cart now.