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Jurassic Park Looksee Gift Box | Includes 5 Jurassic Park Collectibles

Jurassic Park Looksee Gift Box | Includes 5 Jurassic Park Collectibles

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  • A COLLECTIBLE JURASSIC PARK TRIBUTE: This LookSee Box is loaded with Jurassic Park logos and references. One such collectible is the Barbasol can used by Dennis Nedry! Enjoy a 6 x 4-inch storage tin decorated to look just like that can!
  • OPEN UP THE PAST: Encased in a mock amber shell, the iconic mosquito from the Jurassic Park series has returned in the form of this prehistoric bottle opener! Enjoy refreshing beverages for eons to come with this handy kitchen tool!
  • QUENCH YOUR ROARING THIRST: Built from dino-grade ceramic and ready to end your days of thirst, this Japanese Jurassic Park logo mini mug is perfect for displaying proudly in your collection of dino-themed treasures.
  • KEEP YOUR DINOS IN PLACE: If there is one thing Jurassic Park isn't known for, it's taming unruly dinosaurs. Keep your dinos right where you want them with this strong Jurassic Park themed refrigerator magnet!
  • WHEN DINOSAURS RULED YOUR COFFEE TABLE: Depicting the legendary dinosaurs who lived long before our time, Jurassic Park has kindled our love for dinosaurs which we can now proudly display with this Jurassic Park coaster!