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Geeki Tikis Rick & Morty Evil Morty | Ceramic Tiki Style Mug | Holds 13 Ounces

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Currently, little is known about Evil Morty and the role he plays in the Rick & Morty universe. Sporting a faux eyepatch which he uses to control his robotic version of Rick, Evil Morty manages to take and enslave thousands of Morty's to shield his evil base from Rick's intelligent scanners. There, he and his brain controlled Rick went about murdering other Ricks and enslaving more Morty's until Rick & Morty C-137 put an end to their operations. Evil Morty later went on to conquer the citadel of Ricks by becoming president. Here we wait for more Rick & Morty episodes to further explain who Evil Morty truly is. While you wait for more episodes, grab this Rick & Morty Geeki Tikis Evil Morty mug, fill it with your preferred drink, and rewatch the entire series of Rick & Morty!


Combining the popular fashion of tiki mugs with amazing pop culture icons, Geeki Tikis has created a product line for geeks, nerds, and super-fans to enjoy their favorite drinks with their favorite characters! Made from a durable quality ceramic, each mug is designed to deliver stunning details while also being durable enough to quench your thirst round after round! Enjoy the magic of Geeki Tikis mugs and collect the complete set of your favorite series!

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