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Family Guy Yanket Blanket | Official Family Guy Throw Blanket | 48 x 60 Inches

  • THE DISCREET SHEET: Everyone's favorite family guy has done it again! New from the mind of Peter Griffin comes the Yanket! If you're needing to take care of business in a discreet manner, let the Yanket blanket relieve your concerns!
  • THE ULTIMATE ILLUSION: Worried about what others may wonder when your hands disappear below the blanket? The Yanket blanket comes with built-in plush decoy arms. Friends will think you're simply drinking your beverage or watching television! Meanwhile your real hands are hidden under the sheet!
  • LARGE & COZY: Made from a soft fleece material, the Yanket is one of the most comfortable stealth blankets on the market! At 48 by 60 inches, this throw blanket is large enough to snuggle into or conceal most under-the-blanket- activities!
  • PERFECT FOR FAMILY GUY COSPLAY: Looking to go to the next comic-con dressed as Peter Griffin? Grab a Yanket to add to your costume ensemble. Fans of the show will love hearing your Peter Griffin Yanket sales pitch!
  • OFFICIAL FAMILY GUY COLLECTIBLE: Add a unique piece of Family Guy memorabilia to your collection with this officially licensed Yanket! As one of America's most beloved TV shows, no Family Guy collection would be complete without the Yanket!


Have you ever been so cold that you're unable to take care of your business? Well, Peter Griffin has come up with a solution for you! You can now solve all of your business needs with this convenient Yanket blanket! This ingenious invention discreetly hides your arms away from the view of those around you and replaces them with built-in plush arms! You can now have your hands under the blanket while giving the illusion that you're simply on your phone or performing your work tasks! Meanwhile, you're able to keep warm while your actual hands take care of your needs!



This hilarious Family Guy replica blanket is a fun way to share your love of the show with your friends, family, and other fans. Take this blanket with you wherever you go as a fun way to bring some humor to your conversations. Officially licensed, the Yanket blanket is made from a soft fleece material and will be a wonderful addition to your collection of blankets or Family Guy collectibles! At a large 48 x 60 inches, the Yanket is designed to be cozy and the perfect snuggle companion. Show your love for the Family Guy TV series today by grabbing one of these innovative Peter Griffin Yanket's today!