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OFFICIAL Fallout Tumbler | Feat. Vault Boy & Vault Door Ice Cubes | 16 Oz.

  • QUENCH YOUR THIRST FALLOUT STYLE: Tired of running through the wasteland without any decent cups to drink from? We've got you covered with this Fallout themed water bottle tumbler, complete with a plastic lid and straw!
  • THUMBS UP FOR NUTRITION: With a 16-ounce volume, feel extra good about yourself the next time you down a healthy smoothie! Vault Boy salutes you with a thumbs up for every drink you take! Perfect for water, smoothies, soda, even Nuka Cola!
  • DOUBLE WALL INSULATION: This tumbler has a double-wall design to allow a layer of insulation between your drink and the outside air. This helps your liquids stay cooler and fresh for a longer time.
  • REUSABLE ICE CUBES INCLUDED: This tumbler will come with 5 Vault Door styled reusable ice cubes that you can stick in the freezer once your drink is finished. They will chill and be ready for reuse in your next cup!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: As a great gift for others or yourself, rest assured that this tumbler is officially licensed and ready to complete any myriad of video game and Fallout collectibles! Grab yours today!


No longer to you have to spend hours playing your favorite video game with no amazing water tumblers by your side. For us Fallout fans, we may say that the perfect tumbler doesn’t exist. Well slap that notion right out your head because THIS IS IT! Show your love for the best wasteland adventure game there is, FALLOUT!



Are you one of those people who collects every little bit of unique Fallout merchandise? First of all, check out our other products too, secondly – We’ve jumped through the rigorous hoops to make sure that we could have this water bottle officially licensed! That means you can confidently add it to your collection or feel great about giving it as a gift to your Fallout fans!