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Doctor Who 4th Doctor Pyramid of Mars Action Figure

  • Excellent Likeness of the 4th Doctor : 1974-1981 (Tom Baker)
  • From 'The Pyramids of Mars' 1975
  • Includes Time Control Panel and Sonic Screwdriver Accessories
  • Classic Series Action Figure

From the Pyramid of Mars (1975) The 4th Doctor. The TARDIS is forced off course by a malevolent power and lands in the England of 1911. In a Victorian priory, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith discover murders are being committed by sinister cloth-wrapped mummies. Far away in a pyramid in Egypt, Sutekh - last of the Osirians - has been imprisoned for centuries by his brother Osiris. Sutekh takes over the mind and body of an archaeologist and plans to break free to destroy the past, present and future.