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Breyer Stablemates 70th Anniversary Mystery Horse Surprise | Sealed Case of 24

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As part of their ongoing 70th Anniversary celebration, Breyer has shrunk down some of their favorite Traditional (1:9) scale molds from across Breyer's history to Stablemates (1:32) scale! And to add to the fun, each of their coat colors are inspired by one of their Traditional-scale counterparts! Here are the models you can find inside these fun blind bags: Mini Gypsy Vanner inspired by "Solar"; Mini Smart Chic Olena inspired by "Smart and Shiney"; Mini Connemara Mare inspired by "Bramble"; Mini Fell Pony inspired by "Black-Eyed Susan"; Mini Missouri Fox Trotter in shaded fleabitten grey; Mini Indian Pony in vintage-style chestnut tovero; Mini Fighting Stallion in vintage-style glossy charcoal; Mini Clydesdale Stallion in vintage-style woodgrain; Rare chase piece, found in 25% of display boxes; NEW! Ultra-rare "super chase" piece, found in 12% of display boxes. This is a sealed case that includes 24 random blind bags containing a Stablemates 1:32 scale model horse.

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