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Breyer Animal Creations


Breyer Stablemates 1/32 Mystery Unicorn Surprise - One Random Blind Bag

  • The ultimate Unicorn collector's set! Includes one (1) random unicorn figure.
  • Breyer Stablemates model horse is 1:32 scale, measuring 4"L x 3"H.
  • Each blind bag contains one of 7 different unicorn styles.
  • Blind bags are perfect for party goodie bags and event prizes!
  • Super rare chase unicorn in every 1 of 4 display sets!

Breyer captures the magic of finding a unicorn with their Mystery Unicorn Surprise blind bagged collection! Okay, so your chances of spotting a unicorn in the wild are close to never. But you are guaranteed to find a unicorn toy in each one of these blind bags!