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Breyer Animal Creations


Breyer Bay Hanoverian Stallion CollectA Model Horse

  • Includes: Bay Hanoverian Stallion Model Horse
  • Expertly sculpted in vinyl, hand-painted so no two are exactly alike!
  • Sculpted by noted equine sculptor Deborah McDermott
  • Breyer CollectA Series model horse
  • 1:18 scale, measuring approx 5.7"L X 4.7"H

Breyer presents the Breyer by CollectA, a new line of horses, dogs, cats and farm animals for play and collecting. These adorable, authentic miniatures have been sculpted by experts to achieve the most realistic look possible, and are individually hand crafted in vinyl and hand-painted. Safe, virtually unbreakable and so real they almost walk, trot and canter off the page! The Breyer by CollectA Horse Collection is sculpted by noted equine sculptor Deborah McDermott. Deborah is noted for being able to accurately capture the anatomy and breed characteristics of every horse that she sculpts. The Breyer 1:18 CollectA Bay Hanoverian Stallion Model Horse is a unique piece for the serious collector.