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The Overlook Hotel Room 237 Keychain | Room Key Tag Replica from The Shining

  • TAKE HOME A PIECE OF THE OVERLOOK: The Overlook Hotel is the iconic location of the events in the movie, The Shining. Now fans of the hit movie and book can take home a token of the hauntingly dangerous hotel.
  • ROOM 237 KEY TAG: With an authentic design that pays tribute to the movie, the room 237 key chain is indicative of the eerie hotel room that served as a villainous source of evil in the movie, The Shining.
  • AUTHENTIC & VINTAGE: Unlike other key tags, this replica keychain has been modeled after the old classic room key tags and are authentic to the ones used in the movie! Bring some horror movie merchandise to your everyday life!
  • MAKES A WONDERFUL GIFT: Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one or spouse? This keychain would be a perfect choice for any fan of The Shining, Stephen King, or Stanley Kubrick - the director of The Shining!
  • COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION: For fans and collectors of The Shining or horror movie memorabilia, the Overlook Hotel key 237 keychain is the the one piece of your collection NEEDS! Hang it from your keys, backpack, and more!


The Overlook Hotel is the iconic setting of the horrifying Stephen King tale, The Shining.  In this novel turned film legend, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) becomes the care taker of the infamous Overlook Hotel! The hotel is home to many twisted mysteries included the famed room 237, a source of horrific unknowns.  Now you can associate your own keys with this terrifying Room with this authentic room key tag!



Do you really want to shine among your friends and family? This key tag is a great way to not only show them your love but to also share one of your favorite American cult classics! This Overlook Hotel key tag will look great on keys, backpacks, and more!