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Dragon Ball Z Collection | LookSee Collector's Box | Lanyard | Keychain | More

  • USEFUL ACCESSORIES. Dragon box contains a capsule crop lanyard and blue capsule corp keychain, perfect for conventions or everyday use.
  • CHARMING SET. This exclusive collectors set consists of a Dragon Ball Z 3 inch Goku symbol enamel pin.
  • TRENDING CARD PACK. The set contains Dragon Ball Z series trading card pack of 5 cards set to collect.
  • MYSTERY FIGURE. Dragon Ball Z video game featured 2 blind bagged mystery figure for playing.
  • ATTRACTIVE PACKAGING. All the collectibles are packed in Dragon Ball game themed storage collectors box.

Are you tired of accumulating old and boring Dragon Ball Z Movie collection peices? We present you with the coolest Dragon Ball Z collectors LookSee box, full of mystery gifts from the Dragon Ball series. The DragonBallZ LookSee Box contains a set of 5 Dragon collectibles: capsule corp lanyard, blue capsule corp keychain, DragonBall Z 3 inch collectible enamel Goku symbol pin, Dragon Ball Z series one trading card pack, set of 5 cards and the DBZ Series 2 blind bagged mystery figure. All the collectibles come packed in a 5 x 5 inch Dragon Ball anime themed storage collectors box. Add it to your Dragon Ball Z costume or make a perfect gift for any DBZ fan.