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Mighty Fine


Talking PuppyCat Plush | Mighty Fine Official Bee & PuppyCat Doll | 10 Inches

  • THE ULTIMATE PUPPYCAT COMPANION: If you're looking for your own life-size PuppyCat adventures, you'll need this amazing PuppyCat plushie! This large PuppyCat toy is perfect for fans of the Bee and PuppyCat web series!
  • PREMIUM PUPPYCAT QUALITY: As with any valuable plush doll or PuppyCat collectible, this plushie is soft, cuddly, and most importantly, cute! Take this amazing PuppyCat toy with you everywhere!
  • PUPPYCAT CAN TALK: PuppyCat is known for his legendary sass. No toy would be complete without a little of PuppyCat's talking antics. This PuppyCat plush doll features 2 recordings from his very first web episode.
  • LARGE 10-INCH PLUSHIE: If you're like PuppyCat, you won't settle for small novelties. It's either go big or go home. That's why this plushie comes in a large 10" size. Create your very own PuppyCat adventures!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Bee & PuppyCat collectibles are growing in popularity. Make sure you don't upset PuppyCat by getting anything less than this officially licensed plush doll.


Not everyone can be as lucky as Bee. Having adopted the incredible talking cat who smells like a puppy, Bee and PuppyCat have a whole world of adventures and antics that they get themselves into. While we may not have claim to our very own PuppyCat, it is possible to get the next best thing, this PuppyCat plush collectible! He’s soft, he’s plushie, and he talks too! Having this large plushie in your home will inspire a whole world of adventures!



PuppyCat and all his cute quirks come directly from creator and animator, Natasha Allegri. Natasha is also well known for her work on Adventure Time. PuppyCat is a wonderful collector item that is perfect for fans of the web series, Adventure Time, or Natasha herself! Officially licensed this soft plushie is certain to be a fine addition to your collection. Get yours today!