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Marvel Ant-Man & The Wasp Pym Particle Discs | Official Marvel Pins | Set of 2

  • PYM PARTICLE DISCS: In Ant-Man & the Wasp, these blue and red particle discs are used to grow and shrink objects or persons. Ant-Man and Hank Pym use them to get out of tough situations. Here they are as a display set of 2!
  • PERFECT FOR MARVEL FANS: Ant-Man is the largest superhero around! Fans across the world are captivated by his unique abilities and trinkets! These particle discs are just a few of the many reasons why we love Ant-Man!
  • GO BIG - GO BLUE: In this set, the blue particle disc is used to help Ant-Man & the Wasp get out of some tough situations! This pin is 1.5-inches tall and can be worn on your clothing, backpack, and more!
  • REDUCE YOUR SIZE WITH RED: In the movie, the red pin is design the shrink whatever objects it comes into contact with! This pin is also 1.5-inches tall and can be worn with your blue pin, your jacket, and more!
  • EXCLUSIVE MARVEL COLLECTOR BOX: These pins were exclusively released at the New York City Comic Con in 2018. They will be shipped in an official collector box with a certific of exclusive licensing from SalesOne.


Have you ever wanted a unique superhero gadget straight out of the movies? If you’ve been itching to save the day or get caught up in some superhero triumphs, these particle pins are the perfect accessory for you! They’re modeled directly after the ones shown on the big screen! They have a gray-silver tone in their body with vibrant red and blue colors in the center of the disc.



These officially licensed pins are the perfect pieces to add to any superhero collection. They are packaged in a Marvel display box and will also come with an official licensing certificate. Any collector should be proud to have these particle disc pins added to their collection. Even if you’re not a collector yourself, they make a tremendous gift to the Ant-Man fan in your life! Make sure to grab yours while they’re still here!