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Doctor Who TARDIS Cutting Board

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Cut and chop your veggies in style with this TARDIS chopping board!

With many unseen rooms in the TARDIS, it stands to reason, there’s a kitchensomewhere. And where there's a kitchen, there are kitchen accessories. 

Say hello to the Doctor Who Bend ‘N’ Grip TARDIS Chopping Board.

This flexible silicone chopping board is wibbly-wobbly making it easy to moveyour chopped food to a skillet for cooking or bowl for serving.

The board has a flexible design and features a non-slip base.

It is designed to protect surfaces during food preparation.

Doctor Who is a science fiction television series produced by the BBC since 1963. The show depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called "the Doctor". The Doctor has been reincarnated and portrayed by 13 lead actors. The Doctor explores the universe in a time-travelling spaceship called the TARDIS. The TARDIS is disguised as a British Police Call Box.

Makes a fantastic gift for any Whovianfan or chef!

Officially-licensed Doctor Who collectible merchandise!