We’re on a Mission To Save Humanity

Join Master Chief and prepare for deployment with our specially curated, military-grade Halo collection. Interstellar war can lead to some messy business. Toynk has everything you need to take down the Covenant and other alien threats.

UNSC soldiers can gear up with our assorted clothing and accessories, including daily attire, bathrobes, backpacks and bags, wallets, and much more. You can’t defeat the Covenant on an empty stomach. Before going into battle, you can fuel up with a hearty meal using our Ammo Crate Lunch Box that is fit for a Spartan supersoldier.

Halo Toy Collectibles, Costumes, and Merch

If you are going to complete your mission, then you’ll need the right gear. Suit up with our game-authentic costumes, including Master Chief’s classic armor, Blue Team combat armor, and other costume accessory kits. 

We also carry a variety of Halo action figures and toy collectibles. Shop our wide selection of diecast figures, Funko Pops, and Mega Construx Building Sets. 

You can also level-up your collection with prop replicas. Be the envy of your LARPing group with our replica Type-1 Energy Sword, the holy weapon of the Sangheili. It especially comes in handy during close-quarters combat — or just to complete your cosplay.

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