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OFFICIAL Gudetama Lazy Egg Cute Dish Towels | Perfect Kitchen Accents | Set of 2

  • ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE LAZY EGG: Gudetama, the laziest egg around has taken the internet by storm and now you can enjoy your favorite character in your own home! Finish your kitchen decor with these wonderful towels!
  • FUN GRAPHICS: Fans of Gudetama will enjoy this lovable egg lounging about and caught inside of a sandwich - typical of our favorite tiny egg. Gudetama is also set on a yellow towel, a perfect color for kitchen accents.
  • EASY TO USE: These hand towels are perfect for cleaning up light messes and spills in the kitchen or drying your hands in the restroom. Use these Gudetama towels around the house, or simply leave them up for decoration!
  • MAKES A WONDERFUL GIFT: If you know a loved one who enjoys Japanese pop-culture or YouTube in general, odds are they love Gudetama! Imagine their joy when you gift them these lovely Gudetama dish towels!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: These amazing towels are officially licensed from the Sanrio company and ready for your home! Bring Gudetama and his yolk-self to your collection today!

Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Gudetama!

Gudetama, the Lazy Egg turned Japanese pop-culture icon licensed by the Sanrio company, the same company that brought us Hello Kitty.  This lazy little egg wants nothing to do with anything involving effort.  Gudetama prefers to take it easy and lay peacefully with his “meh” attitude.  This pop-culture icon that has taken the internet by storm is now available to you in the form of these marvelous dish towels! Take home Gudetama or give these hand towels as a gift today (we both know that lazy egg won’t get to your home by himself!)