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Rick and Morty Geeki Tikis Rick 36oz Ceramic Snack Bowl - Durable & Microwavable

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Looking for a Rick and Morty Geekis Tiki Bowl for your favorite Rick and Morty Eyeholes Chocolate Truffles snacks?

Beeline Creative presents officially licensed Geeki Tikis snack bowls based on the hit animated series Rick and Morty! With mouths wide open, Rick Sanchez and his faithful time-traveling companion Morty Smith (each snack bowl sold separately) eagerly await what delicious treats you feed them. Ah, but the jokes on them! These snacks are really for you! Poor Rick and Morty just can't catch a break. These fun snack bowls are sure to make a great conversation piece at any party!

Stop Imagining and Start Experiencing! Get this unique high quality bowl now!

✔ OFFICIALLY LICENSED GEEKI TIKIS SNACK BOWLS WITH EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: This product is made of ceramic -- manufactured to the highest quality. It is made thicker than normal small bowls making it durable and long lasting.

✔ MULTIPURPOSE BOWLS: This snack bowl has the capacity of 36 ounces that is perfect for cereal, soup, side salads, ice cream, fruit, dessert and even your favorite snack Rick and Morty Eyeholes. It won't absorb odors, making this bowl perfect for keeping your snacks or food fresh and appetizing. Safe for daily use

✔ EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN: This ceramic snack bowl is microwave safe. It has a nice smooth surface which can be easily cleaned in the top-shelf dishwasher or with just a simple flush in hand.

Spice up snack time with this zany Rick & Morty ceramic snack bowl, eating Rick & Morty Eyeholes while watching your favorite Rick & Morty series.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your own Rick and Morty Geeki Tikis snack bowl now while supplies last!

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