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What's up, party animal? Thanks for choosing Toynk.com for your festive flatware and utensil needs. If you've ever hosted a party before, you know the kind of chaos that always seems to roll in when you set up and tear down. And if you've never yet hosted a party, then get ready for the madness. The convenience of disposable cutlery simply cannot be understated when it comes to hosting events. Read more

Successful party planning takes a bit more than colorful, sturdy forks and knives. Planning a children's party is different from planning a teenager's party, which is different from an adult's party, which is different from a wedding, or a gala or a reception. To keep it simple, let's just say you're hosting a casual adult party for the neighborhood. You already have your plastic silverware-what's next? What should you have done first? What have you done thus far? Why didn't you just have Leslie from next door host like she offered?

First, decide what kind of party you want to have. Does it have a theme? Will that theme be an expensive endeavor? Will it be a sit-around-and-chat potluck, or a five-course dinner party? Will you have music or card games? Will you need to have a television around if you think you may have to schedule your fete during a playoff game?

Next, choose a date. While it is impossible to get everyone on the same page at the same time, it's nice to keep in mind some generally held schedule conflicts. Avoid a Friday night party during high school football season, don't host a big blowout on a weekday if most of your friends work 9-5 and don't bank on the off chance of nice weather. If that weekend has been gross and rainy for the last three years, there's a chance it will be gross and rainy again this year. Keep your guests inside!

Finally, set a budget. At Toynk.com, our low prices and affordable shipping can keep you on an even keel, but you'll still need to figure out what you want to spend on food, drink, entertainment and decorations. Make detailed lists that border on obsessive to cut down on your chance of last-minute panic. After all, once your party is set up and your guests start arriving, there's not much else you can do. Just don't forget the cutlery!

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