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Fallout 76 Tri-Centennial Vault-Tec Large Fleece Throw Blanket | 45 x 60 Inches

  • CUDDLE UP WITH VAULT-TEC: Celebrating the tri-centennial anniversary of the United States, this Vault-Tec fleece blanket pictures the iconic Fallout Vault-Boy saluting America and Fallout fans across the nation!
  • BRILLIANT FALLOUT GAME DESIGN: Modeled after the Fallout 76 installment of the Fallout series, this blanket is perfect for reminiscing about mutants, looting, and surviving in the hills of West Virginia!
  • DEATHCLAW TESTED, VAULT-TEC APPROVED: Made from a durable and comfortable material, this blanket is 100 percent polyester! Measuring at 45 x 60 inches, use this decorative Fallout blanket as a throw blanket for your couch or bed!
  • THE PERFECT GAMING COMPANION: If you're one to snuggle up on the couch to settle in for hours of Fallout gameplay, this blanket is a must-have for you! Enjoy exploring the wastelands of West Virginia in Fallout 76 with this cuddly blanket!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED FALLOUT COLLECTIBLE: Fans of the Fallout video game series will enjoy this unique collectible added to their gaming collections! Officially licensed, this Fallout blanket is a vault-dweller necessity!


Nothing says comfort like waiting out the apocalypse in one of Vault-Tec's high security state-of-the-art vaults! Or does it...? In any case, this Vault-Tec themed Fallout 76 blanket is the latest in Vault-Tec's security measures to keep one warm and safe in the wastelands of West Virginia. Snuggle up to this blanket as Vault-Boy gives you a comforting smile and salute. Fans of the Fallout series will enjoy the tribute paid to the tri-centennial anniversary of the United States. While the war may have wiped out the country, you can still find remnants of American pride throughout the Fallout series. This blanket is no exception!



Perfect for Fallout fanatics and mutant-hunters, this Fallout 76 blanket is officially licensed and would look amazing added to any Fallout themed video game collection. Use this soft fleece blanket as a throw on your bed or your couch, that way it's nearby when you decide that it's time again for a Fallout all-nighter. Fans of the series will love this blanket added to their collections so get yours or give one as a gift today!