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Cuphead Airplane Hanging Air Freshener for Cars | New Car Scent

  • BANISH MUSTINESS and stale odors. Let Cuphead inject some sweet, "brand new car" scent to freshen up your personal space with zesty airborne aviation daring
  • VIVID VIDEO CHARACTER ODOR ELIMINATOR: Why settle for a cardboard tree when you've got a determined, aerobatic, energetic Cuphead to dangle from your mirror
  • FRESH CAR SCENT IN A FREEZE FRAME: Add freshness to a drawer, closet, or even a pair of shoes. Dangle a Cuphead from your car mirror and navigate traffic like the level-conquering boss that you are
  • CUPHEAD CHARGES ON! Spiff up your personal space with a 1930's cartoon-inspired character, and you don't even have to make a deal with the devil to enjoy it
  • PUTTING THE "FUN" IN FUNCTIONALITY: Just Funky adds a dash of humor to your home and life. Aviator Cuphead is a fun gag gift for the video gamer in your life

Putting the FUN in functionality!

When you’re a fan, you’re committed! So you take any opportunity you can get for some swag from your favorite series. And you know what? Video games don’t have to be limited to just kids! Start and end your work commute and freshen your car with the sweet smell of the hit and funny video game of Cupheads. If you need a reminder of why you're driving to the gym before class or after work, just gaze upon the air freshener and remember you're training beat the level boss!

Level up your closet or drawer scent.

If you’ve got active boys (that includes husbands, by the way) around, you know how, um, musty their clothes and shoes can get. Girls are video game fans too, so they’d enjoy a nice-smelling memento of a game they love. Think how much the Cuphead fan in your life would appreciate a useful, funny little gift -- especially if that fan is you. So there's no reason to wait -- go ahead and put one (or more) in your cart now!