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Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Pirate Cove Discovery Set

  • THOMAS & FRIENDS: Inspired by "Thomas and the Treasure" and the "Thomas and the Storyteller" stories, this 41-piece train set is full of fun and magical surprises!
  • ADVENTURE PACKED: Set features three unique destinations: a fun Pirate Shipwreck, Skull Mountain and Treasure Tunnel.
  • CONNECT & PLAY: Magnets are used to connect Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway engines and vehicles to other Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway engines and vehicles, sold separately.
  • INCLUDES: Thomas, cargo car, treasure cargo piece, free-wheeling pirate ship vehicle, track pieces, a “rock” that hides the treasure, pirate ship launch ramp, bridge turn, cargo bin, 2x large hill pieces with mechanism, 2x small hill pieces with drawbridge, and a pirate ship launching bay.
  • FUN & EDUCATIONAL: Vehicles aid in developing fine motor skills, color identification and counting skills.

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Thomas is about to embark on his most thrilling adventure yet, inspired by the DVD Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure. While transporting TNT to the demolition crew working on the new branch line, the ground gets shaky beneath Thomas’ wheels. Press down on the TNT plunger and WHOOSH! Suddenly, the tracks drop down and Thomas disappears into the crevasse. As Thomas falls, a hidden ship rolls out from within the cavern. Its mast unfurls to reveal it’s a pirate ship! The missing treasure can’t be far behind. Can Thomas locate the treasure and deliver it to the museum on time? He’ll have to make sure he stays on track so he doesn’t fly off the rails into Arlesburg Harbor. Little engineers can raise the drawbridge to let the pirate ship out to sea - and sail the free-wheeling ship on any adventure they can imagine.