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OFFICIAL Star Wars Princess R2-D2 Pin| Exclusive Art Design By Derek Laufman

  • GET YOUR ASTROMECH DROID: Droids are programmed for specific tasks but R2-D2 is no ordinary droid! This astromech can do it all! From flying a ship to stopping a trash compactor and now looking great in your collection!
  • A TRUE STAR WARS HERO: From the beginning of the Star Wars saga to the end, R2-D2 has remained as a faithful companion to the Jedis and the Rebellion. If there ever was a true Star Wars hero, it would be R2-D2!
  • COLLECTIBLE SET OF 6: No collectible is complete without a set! There are 6 pins available in total; Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, a Jawa, Darth Vader, and R2D2. Be sure to grab the other 5 as well as this one!
  • DESIGNED BY ARTIST DEREK LAUFMAN: This pin was designed exclusively by Derek Laufman, famous for his designs on Marvel's Super Hero Adventures line. Enjoy his stunning artwork transferred onto this Star Wars pin.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: There are few things on Earth that are coveted by collectors as much as Star Wars items are. That is why we made sure that these designer Star Wars pins are the real deal!


Star Wars, a story of a galactic odyssey of the Empire who attempt to bring order to the star systems and the rebels who oppose their tyranny. Star Wars has changed the way the world views sci-fi ever since it’s debut in 1977. Since then, a more earthly empire has been established in the way of the Star Wars franchise and its myriad of collectibles! These pins are apart of an exclusive set with unique artwork! Officially licensed by Star Wars, Lucas Films, and Disney, there’s no way you can possibly “have a bad feeling about this!” Be sure to collect all 6 pins!



Derek Laufman is an amazing graphic artist. Derek is responsible for the works of Marvel’s Super Hero Adventures, RuinWorld – the comic, and currently freelances for Warner Bros., Mattel, and other major toy companies. Laufman’s work is fun, whimsical, and collectible! Get your pins today and enjoy his fabulous work!