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Star Trek Stemless Wine Glass Decorative Etched Engineering Emblem | Holds 20 Ounces

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Star Trek: The Original Series, introduced fans to an entire galaxy of adventure. With characters such as William Shatner's Captain Kirk or Leonard Nimoy's Spock, a legacy was born. Now with the new series such as Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek Discovery, the myriad of stories and characters continue to grow. Throughout the Star Trek saga, however, one thing remains the same. The Starfleet insignias that represent the roles of each character. This wine glass has been decorated with the Corps of Engineering emblem. Celebrating all those who keep Starfleet ships running, this decorative Star Trek glass will give your collection of red wine glasses personality.


Created as a collection of fancy wine glasses for the contemporary Star Trek fan, this Corps of Engineering wine glass is just one part of a complete set of Star Trek fleet insignia wine glasses. Collect the Sciences, Command, and Medical red wine glasses as well for a fully decorated ensemble of Star Trek collectibles. Each unique Star Trek wine glass is officially licensed and part of the collectible Star Trek universe. Collectors of the series will enjoy the ornate features on the glass as they radiate from your collector shelves. Invite the crew over for a glass of your preferred drink for an opportunity to impress with your brand new Star Trek wine glasses.