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Ready Player One Funko POP Vinyl Figure - Copper Art3mis

  • ARE YOU READY: Player One, prepare for action (figure, that is)! Let Art3mis be your guide in fandom
  • ADD A POP OF FUNKO HUMOR TO YOUR DAY: go ahead, prop this adorable action figure on top of your computer monitor at the office
  • SMART. RELATABLE. FUN. Art3mis is the character we all not-so-secretly want to be - the smartest one in the game
  • COLLECTIBLE SIZE: Copper Art3mis measures 3.75 inches tall - just right for your office desk or home bookshelf
  • READY FOR DISPLAY: Your very own OASIS gunter comes complete in her own gift box - hint, hint

A humorous homage to your favorite character.

Art3mis is intelligent, analytical, humble, relateable and pretty much the coolest person in OASIS. No wonder Parzival has a mad crush on her. Don't we all? And now you can have a cute, fun reminder of a movie you loved. Funko POP's version of the copper Art3mis avatar is, well, adorable. Perch her on your office desk for a daily spot of fun and inspiration. Or display her proudly on your living room bookshelf for the education and amusement of guests.

Player is Ready to display or gift!

Fun, funny and funky – not to mention durable. This collectible action figure makes a nice gift to the RP1 fan in your life – even if that fan is you!