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Hobgoblin Ears Costume Prosthetic

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Hobgoblins are creatures straight out of myth and legend, described as helpful, mischievous, or brutish. Whatever you plan to be, though, you can rest assured that these Hobgoblin Ears will complete your transformation. These ears are made from high quality latex and are designed to be fitted over the ear, giving them the typical long, pointed ear that is traditional for a true hobgoblin. The ears are fairly easy to apply, requiring only a touch of spirit gum or other prosthetic adhesive to apply. Then, all you have to do is add a bit of flesh latex and makeup to blend the prosthetic with your skin, and you will be good to go. Please note, however, that spirit gum, makeup, and flesh latex are not included with the prosthetic, although they can be found separately on this site. The ears are also pre-painted to ensure that they match quite nicely to the traditional green skin tone that many fantasy hobgoblins feature. These Hobgoblin Ears make for a great start to any fantasy costume and make a great addition to all sorts of bestial races, ranging from the given hobgoblin to the more menacing orc or kobold, ensuring that these prosthetics are not limited to one use, but only by the limits of your imagination!

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