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Eaten Away Costume Prosthetic

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This injury sounds like a zombie-inflicted injury, but it is not. The Eaten Away Wound Prosthetic is really more of an industrial accident, featuring a gory and grotesque wound that has been corroded and burned by a chemical. What could cause an injury like this, you might ask? Many industrial solvents and chemicals could create chemical burns, and some, like powerful acids, possesses the ability to eat through even human flesh and bone, while leaving behind painful chemical burns as well. This injury features exposed bone along the top of the hand, as well as exposed muscle, tissue, and veins along the arm, surrounded by a bloody, burned patch of skin marred by pink chemical burns. This wound appliance is made entirely from high quality latex that has been hand-painted for detail, and it is designed to be easy to put on, requiring only a bit of spirit gum to adhere the prosthetic to the skin.

Cinema Secrets, Inc.