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Breyer Animal Creations


Celestine 2018 Holiday Christmas Collectible Horse

  • She is the 22nd in the Holiday Horse series, and comes with "Happy Holidays 2018" stamped under her belly.
  • Her wintry costume is detailed with embroidery, pearls, beads, and frosty white roses.
  • Each 1:9 scale model is meticulously hand-painted in rich colors, so no two are exactly the same.
  • Even today, no two Breyer model horses are ever exactly alike!
  • Each collectible Breyer figure is both beautiful for display and durable for children to play with!

Every year on the evening of the winter solstice, an elegant gathering is held to celebrate the coronation of the new winter Crystal Queen. All the animals attending are adorned in finery that is reminiscent of nature in midwinter. Presiding over the festivities is the Crystal Queen herself: Celestine, Breyer's elegant 2018 Holiday Horse. She elegantly prances along in her silvery grey coat, adorned with crystals, (faux) pearls and gems, and a beautifully embroidered costume, complete with a feathery plume.