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Bitcoin Collectible|Gold Plated Commemorative Blockchain Coin| Collector's Coin

  • SHINY FINISH. This Blockchain gold plated metal coin looks shiny and unique, made with the highest quality materials.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN. This unique coin weighs 1.76 ounces and the same size of US silver dollar.
  • OFFICIAL PRODUCTION. Fourth Castle Micromedia is the official manufacturer of these charming collectible coins.
  • GREAT GIFT. Sure to make a perfect gift to any Cryptocurrency lover, family member or friend.
  • MONETARY VALUE. The coin has no monetary value and is not for actual Blockchain currency use, collectors item only.

If virtual Cryptocurrency became a physical form, it would look like this! Show your passion for the valuable currency taking over the world by adding this real metal, gold plated Bitcoin to your Crypto wallet. This lucky coin weighs of 1.76 ounces, looks and feels like a real coin. It has a unique shiny exterior and is the same size of a US silver dollar. Remember, it is a Bitcoin collectible and has no Bitcoin standards of monetary value. It makes a great gift to any Blockchain and Bitcoin lover. Add it to your Bitcoin merchandise collection today!