Amazon’s monopoly gave us cross platform play, should gamers be worried?

Its an exciting time, but the real concern is the future. If Amazon ever decides to pull a Sony and flex their market dominance, there's no competitor that could support crossplay.

10 games to get HYPED for in 2018

This is gonna be an awesome year for gaming, and we compiled a list of the hype trains most worth the admission fee.
Geek Culture Review: Toynk Exclusive Resident Evil T-Virus/ G-Vaccine Prop Replica Set.

Who else thinks that the Resident Evil franchise is one of the greatest horror video game series ever produced!? We definitely do! Introducing our newest EXCLUSIVE product: Resident Evil T-Virus/G-Vaccine Prop Replica Set.  A big thank you to author Jeff Saylor for featuring and reviewing our newest […]

Fashionably Late: Last Minute Costume Ideas for Procrastinators

We’ve all been there before. You make a bunch of plans for awesome, over the top Halloween costumes but then you put off buying them and eventually, you forget. Then, out of nowhere, there it is. A text message from your best friend that reads, “Hey u comin […]

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