Meet Toynk's Newly Hired Chief Mischief Officer

Meet Toynk's Newly Hired Chief Mischief Officer

Name: Waffles

Official Title: Toynk’s Chief Mischief Officer (CMO)

Location: Toynk’s top secret headquarters

Don't let this adorable hamster fool you. Waffles is here to shake things up! Fluffy, funny, and full of mischief, Waffles is a full-time geek with a penchant for getting into trouble. Read about this playful hamster's origin story, fandom favorites, hobbies, and daily life with the Toynk team.

Toynk's Waffles the Hamster mascot. Text reads, "Meet Waffles: Toynk's newly hired Chief Mischief Officer."

Origin Story

Every great character falls into one of three categories: humble origins, epic origins, or mysterious origins. 

Waffles opts for a secretive backstory, preferring to be shrouded in mystery. He often exaggerates with tall tales about his previous whereabouts. Everything from traveling the dangerous streets of Gotham to working as a stunt double for Hamtaro, Waffles can never seem to stick to just ONE origin story.

Personally, we’re pretty sure this little troublemaker just followed us back from a comic convention somewhere.

Fandom Faves

Naturally, this cheeky hamster is a self-certified geek. Whenever Waffles isn’t running around causing mischief, you can usually find this ham ham reading comics, watching anime, or cuddling up with his plushies. Learn all about his pop culture favorites!


Always pleased to have a fellow rodent extraordinaire in the spotlight, Waffles aspires to become like Squirrel Girl. He has started multiple petitions to become her official sidekick, but he hasn’t heard anything back (yet).

That’s not the only superhero on his radar. Waffles is pure squish, so it is understandable that he gravitates towards Iron Man’s impressive armored suits. (Turns out opposites do attract.) He also cried his little hamster heart out in that final Avengers: Endgame scene. You know the one.


The characters of My Hero Academia are just as quirky as this little fella — literally! Waffles likes pretending to be the hamster version of All Might … with a little less muscle and a little more squishy cheeks.


Waffles owns quite the plushie collection, with a soft spot for his favorite snuggly Squishmallow, Avocado Boy. Not so secretly, Waffles hopes to have a plush toy made in his own likeness one day.

Daily Life

Snacking (and Subsequent Gym Routine):

This voracious eater loves chowing down on a healthy serving of churros, pickles, and avocados. They are like Scooby Snacks to this full-time foodie. Having a big appetite makes it difficult to stay in superhero-ready shape, but he manages. Cue the Rocky theme! 

Using a hamster wheel to stay active, this spirited little fella trains like he is in the running (pun intended) to be the next Sonic the Hedgehog. As such, he likes to fill up on water and refreshments. While exercising, Waffles enjoys sipping from Toynk’s assorted character water bottles to stay hydrated.

Decorating His Secret Lair:

Every hamster needs the essentials: exercise wheel, tunnel for exploring, hut for personal space, and bedding. However, Waffles likes to keep things a little more interesting. You will often find this ham ham decking out his living space with geeky home décor. 

Like a professional builder for Minecraft (without the hostile mobs), Waffles mixes things up block by block with Creeper storage organizers, TNT area rugs, and other decorative accents.

Hobbies, Quirks, and Other Randomness

Reading Popular Literary Works:

When there is no mischief to cook up, this little hamster enjoys some leisurely “me time.” Waffles likes to dig into his stacks of comic books and manga, which only seem to grow with each passing day. It is getting a little out of hand, but let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. 

Painting Like a Maestro:

While something of a busy body, Waffles prefers to slow things down with a relaxing painting session. We’re talking about some serious Bob Ross vibes here. Seriously, give him an afro makeover and you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

Pranks, So Many Pranks:

Waffles likes to keep our Toynk team on their toes. We never know what the Chief Mischief Officer has planned, sometimes running loose on the website to surprise visitors or sleeping in one of the Boglins’ empty cages. He claimed the latter was one of his daredevil training missions.

Pin Trading:

As an avid pin collector, you can always count on Waffles to grab the latest exclusive from Premiere Pins. They are the perfect paw-sized pins for this cheeky little collector. The best part is that they can be easily displayed in a hamster’s small quarters — or secret lair, as Waffles prefers to call it.

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