King Kong: V-Rex Vs Kong Statue & Kong Chess Set

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King Kong: V-Rex Vs Kong Statue & Kong Chess Set
King Kong: V-Rex Vs Kong Statue & Kong Chess Set
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King Kong: V-Rex Vs Kong Statue & Kong Chess Set
Only: $228.78
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Condition: Brand New
Theme: King Kong
Production Run: Limited
Material: Resin
Production Year: 2009
Packaging: Full Color Box

  • Both Highly detailed
  • Makes a great gift set
  • Limited editions!
  • Brand new
  • Great for display

  • *Chess set**
  • Retail price is $475! The primal savagery of Skull Island clashes against the urban sophistication of 1933 New York as man and monster battle for supremacy on the chessboard. Kong, ruler of the dark and terrifying Skull Island, a world of tangled jungle, superstitious sacrifice and nightmarish monsters, beats his chest in defiance against the might of the industrial age. New York, urban pinnacle of the western world and symbolic of the artificial power of man, is his adversary, having taken from Kong, that which he most loves, the beautiful Ann Darrow. Scuplted by Weta Workshop's Mary Maclachlan, Gary Hunt and Ben Hawker.
  • Item Size: approx. 10 inches H (254mm) x 15.5 inches W (394mm) x 15.5 inches L (394mm). Pieces range in size from approx. 2.75 inches H (70mm) x 1 inches W (25mm) x 1 inches L (25mm) to 3.5 inches H (89mm) x 1.25 inches W (32mm) x 1.25 inches L (32mm).
  • This is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces.

  • *Statue**
Retail price is $495! Two mighty giants clash in battle. These terrible foes matched in strength and power, one is driven by instinct the other by desperation. In this fight for survival, no quarter is given, life or death being the only outcome. The fiercest creature of Skull Island, the V-Rex is the only dinosaur brave enough to challenge the mighty Kong. An awesome predator stalking the tangled jungle in search of a meal, V-Rexes are the terrifying descendants of tyrannosaurs that roamed the earth many millions of years ago. On Skull Island, these beasts have evolved to new levels of terror. The Eighth Wonder of the World, King Kong inspires fear in all who behold him. A massive 25 feet in height, Kong is one of the largest primates on Skull Island. Due to reoccurring battles to ensure his supremacy Kongs lower jaw is broken, permanently exposing his lower right incisor. Sculpted by Weta Workshop's Eden Small, Shaun Bolton and Don Brooker. Item Size: approx. 23.5 inches H (597mm) x 10 inches W (254mm) x 21 inches L (533mm). This is a limited edition of 3,000 pieces.

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